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Tim   Mahoney

Full Name: Timothy Jerome Mahoney

DOB: February 17, 1970

Zodiacal Sign: Aquarius

POB: Omaha, Nebraska

Height: ????

Eye Color: blue

Hair Color: brown

Kewl Fact: (other than shrimp) he's a vegetarian (veggies unite =+)!)

Kewl Quotes: "We'd like everyone to praise us, but we'd rather see a sticker with our logo on someone's skateboard than a ton of good press" -Tim Mahoney, November Issue of "Maximum Guitar"

"...everywhere we go, La Casa pizza is the best pizza in the world!" -Tim Mahoney, Sept. 24 Issue of "The Reader"

"'s all about the music." -Tim Mahoney, Sept. 24 Issue of "The Reader"

Yet Another Reason to Give Him MAJOR Props: Tim just went through with (a very routine, very safe, very simple) surgery- a hernia, actually- just wanted to send out much love to the hella best GEE-tarist in the livin' lovin' universe- keep on rockin' hard, man! you KICK!

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