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Nick   Hexum

Full Name: Nicholas Lofton Hexum

DOB: April 12, 1970

Zodiacal Sign: Aries

POB: Madison, WI

Height: 6'3"

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Varies- most of the time blond, but dark brown at birth

Kewl Fact: has his own clothing line ("...if I have to wear clothes, I might as well represent my own designs!" -Nick Hexum), Ginsing

Kewl Quotes:

"Life's a bowl of punch, go ahead and spike it!" -Nick Hexum

"We are all transistors of the same energy from the sun" -Nick Hexum

"...everything you do come's back to you, whatever it may be..." -Nick Hexum (from Paradise, off of "Music")

"...everything I eat is from the Earth, right? I am what I eat, straight up Earth, right? Nothing but a walking sack of Earth, nice to meet you, how do ya do?" -Nick Hexum (from Hydroponic, off of "Music")

"...shit like that now scares me but I'd like to do it again" -Nick Hexum (from Homebrew, off of "Grassroots")

"...Nature has no conscience, no kindness, or ill-will..." -Nick Hexum (from Omaha Stylee, off of "Grassroots")

"...I believe in your purpose, baby" -Nick Hexum (from Purpose, off of the "blue album")

"...guns are for pussies!" -Nick Hexum (from Guns[are for pussies], off of the "blue album")

"Suckers step up and wanna create friction, but violence is for those who can't handle diction" (from Strangers, off of "Transistor")

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