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The   yoUR   FACE   (and   it   feels   so   GOOD!)!!!

The Band:

Nick Hexum - vocals, guitar, programming

Chad Sexton - drums, percussion, programming

Tim Mahoney - Guitar

P-Nut - bass

SA Martinez - vocals, scratches


311 is a double-platinum band- one for their 3rd album (self-titled but more commonly known as "the blue album"), and one for their newest album, "Transistor." They have a total of 4 publically released and available albums (plus a newly released home video/cd with 4 previously unreleased tracks on it)- Music (1993) , Grassroots (1994) , 311 (1995), and Transistor (1997). They also have several (4) albums released only in Omaha (their "hometown"...hee hee) and now unavailable in stores- "Hydroponic" , "Downstairs," "Dammit" , and "Unity" . Now that Transistor is out and they are into the end of 2nd leg of the US "transis-tour", there is talk of their 5th public album already being worked on (WOOHOOOO!!!).


311 started out as Unity, which was made up of everyone except for P-Nut and SA. After an incident with P-Nut and his friend and guitarist Jimmie, the name Unity turned into 311 (this is, in case ya dont know, police code for indecent exposure- P-Nut and Jimmie were caught skinny dipping in a public (?) pool in Omaha). They have been around for 7 years now (VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!) and, in the perspective of P-Nut, are gonna be around for "20 more years" (yes that would KICK ASSSSSS).

About The Name (311):

Like I mentioned above, 311 is the police code for indecent exposure. The guys experienced this particular police code when P-Nut and his pal Jimmie were found by some cops, skinny dipping in a public (?) pool. 311 does NOT, however, have ANY connection to the KKK- the fact that 311 could be translated to 3 K's (as K is the 11th letter) is merely a coincidence. The band proves their dislike for the KKK in many ways- not only throught their music which promotes racial harmony and understanding (try listening to "electricity" off of Transistor), but on the recently released video, ETSD (enlarged to show detail), P-Nut very openly says (for all the band),

I think that says it.

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