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Message for the Day (March 11, 1999):


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i just wanna say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU To everyone for visitng! the page has just hit over 10,000 visitors *gasp* and...its all cuz of you guys! THANX AGAIN!

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Hey-a KICK ASS 311 fanatix! Welcome to my completely UNofficial 311 page (hee hee), dedicated solely to the greatest band of ALL-TIME, 311. For all of your who dont know this yet and are just here cuz you're a kewl person... 311 ROCKS all creation...! Ok now that I got that's what you will find on my page: pictures of the band, info about the band , tour dates , links to other 311 pages , concert reviews , and lots of other cool stuff. If you see any info that you want to download to your computer or anything that you like/have a problem with, please email me and I promise to get back to you as soon as I get a chance. Oh yeah, and if you are really bored or wanna find out about who is behind this fabulous page, go to my other page which is mainly about...well, me. Or, if you just wanna be nice (or even to bitch me out about how much you hate this page...I hope not!), sign the guestbook. Have fun!

***NOTE*** all 311-related images I have on my pages were created by "Stev Co. 97" except for the red one of the 311 logo that breaks up in a heartbeat-like rhythm which was created by "DKY22". anyone who copies any images from my page should give credit to these peoples on their page. peace + love!

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